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Soundcheck Live

Looking to grow your following and get your music discovered?  Our new studios are designed for you to host live soundcheck is a great place to start. Our rooms can host up to 25 to 50 guest and are backlined to make our gigs plug and play.  

Welcome to Sound Check Live our new DIY booking model by Music City SF

Bands and Promoters Welcome!

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Pick a date and build out your show

  • Step 2: Build your show with 2-3 bands 

  • Step 3: Just answer a few questions and you're on your way to performing at Music City SF

  • Step 4: Bands may run their own sound or upgrade to add an expert sound technician.

Our Studios

  • Studio 1 - DJ Equipment, PA System

    • Occupancy 30 Guest

  • Studio 2 -Backline: 2 guitar amps, drums, bass amp and keys 

    • Occupancy 50 Guest

  • Studio 3 - DJ Equipment, PA, Video Display for Karaoke or Presentations 

    • Occupancy 30 Guest

  • Studio 4-  PA, Video Display for Karaoke or Presentations

    • ​Occupancy 30 Guest

  • Two of our Rooms have 

Rent a Studio for your Gig

Featured Here:  Studio 2


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